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Canada is generally considered a safe country with relatively low crime rates in most cities. However, as in any country, there are higher crime rates in certain areas than in others and certain types of crime are more common than others.

Provincehomicide rate
Prince Edward Island0
Newfoundland and Labrador0.6
New Brunswick1.8
Nova Scotia1.9
British Columbia2.9
Northwest Territories6.6

One of the most frequently reported crimes in Canadian cities is theft. These include both minor thefts such as shoplifting and theft as well as more serious thefts such as burglary and car theft. In some cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, bicycle theft is a special problem.

Personal injury is another serious crime that occurs in Canadian cities. Although violent crime in Canada has generally decreased in recent years, there are still physical confrontations that lead to serious injuries or even death.

Drug crime is also a problem in Canadian cities, as is gang violence. In large cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, gang activity has increased in recent years, with regular shootings and other violent incidents.

In general, however, crime rates in Canadian cities are relatively low compared to other countries. The Canadian government has implemented a number of crime reduction programs and initiatives, including citizen-oriented police programs, youth employment programs and crime prevention initiatives. These activities aim to make Canadian cities safer and more protected for everyone who lives and works in them.

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Crime rate provinces

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